December 4, 2009

Say hello to the Red Sox new shortstop

And the Red Sox have there first blockbuster deal that is sure to strike fear into the heart of the New York Yankees. Say hello to Marco Scutaro.

He has a career .265 batting average and hit 12 homers along with 35 doubles last year, driving in 60 RBI. All in all, he should be alright at the plate for the Sox, although he is 34 freakin' years old.

(Which is better than the 58-year old Julio Lugo)

But his bat is not what I'm concerned about, it's if he can field better than a bag of sand (something the Red Sox would have been better of with playing shortstop last year). And if he can stay healthy... oh wait... this just in...

But there were some concerns about a plantar fasciitis issue in Scutaro's right heel that forced him to miss the final two weeks of the season and caused him discomfort for several weeks. reported that Allard Baird of the Red Sox front office watched Scutaro work out near his home in Miami on Tuesday, so perhaps that gave Boston more confidence in Scutaro's health.

Perhaps Scutaro can provide some stability for the next couple of seasons at a position that has been a revolving door for the Red Sox since the trade of Nomar Garciaparra to the Cubs on July 31, 2004.

This was on the Red Sox own website. With any luck, his foot will fall off by spring training. Awesome!

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