December 11, 2009

Seattle is a bunch of wusses

Oh no! The world is ending in Seattle...

For the second straight day Thursday, the temperature hit a record low in Seattle

National Weather Service meteorologist Dustin Guy says the low of 16 before dawn Thursday at Sea-Tac Airport broke the low of 21 set on that date in 1972. Wednesday's record low was 18.

Burke says Western Washington temperatures should start warming up over the weekend and might get back to highs in the 40s by Tuesday. He says there's only a chance of snow during the change.

Sixteen is the HIGH in Spokane, where I have to break my car out of a casing of ice every morning. I can't believe Seattle, you whine about everything.

1 comment:

  1. Spokane is flat. Seattle is VERY hilly. I'm talking steep SF hilly. If it snowed in Spokane, with the hills that Seattle has, your little podunk town would shut down as well. Also, I don't hear anyone whining about it. Could you point out this whining you speak of in the article? Stay in eastern WA you hick.