December 3, 2009

Sodo Mojo for Jason Bay?

Word coming from the Seattle Times' Geoff Baker is that the Mariners are pushing hard for Jason Bay, a BC native and someone who would be quite comfortable in the Northwest.

Ummm, why?

I mean I like the contributions Bay has made to the Red Sox but did anyone in Major League Baseball realize how he dropped off the face of the earth as the season wore on last year?

In June and July he hit .230 and .192 with a whopping five homers. That's a stretch of the season where you don't want your "slugger" going on a free-fall slump. He did rebound for the rest of the season but I never got the feeling that other teams feared him in the lineup. He's a good hitter, but he also comes with a price and do the Mariners really want to shell out eight million dollars for a guy that hit .267 last year? Sure he had 36 home runs but this just reeks of disaster for the M's.

He's a good player, I just don't know if you want to throw a lot of money at him.

And for his fielding? I felt like it was Bay being Manny sometimes out in the field. It's not like he was a train wreck but he's not going to make Web Gems anytime soon.

So Mariner fans... you should be going blah right now.

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