December 3, 2009

Thoughts on Gonzaga beating WSU

Boy did the Zags ever come out and lay a big fat egg in the first half. And part of the second half.  To a team that everybody expected them to handle somewhat easily (a seven to 15 point victory). This Cougar team came out with more energy and speed but for once I've got to say that Gonzaga showed some real backbone and character in this win.

And that's pretty hard for me to admit.

By coming back from a 13-point 2nd half deficit and defeating a WSU Cougars, the Zags: Next Generation showed that they can fight through a poor night of performance and still win. That's usually the stuff of veteran teams but I guess Gonzaga is skipping the introductory courses on that. And this wasn't against a daisy of a  team either. WSU now looks like they're going to compete for the Pac-10 title because frankly everyone else in that conference except for UW sucks.

Matt Bouldin showed up big, scoring 28 points, Klay Thompson of the Cougars who was leading the nation in scoring was limited to just 15. Elias Harris was fantastic with 21 points in the second half and 24 for the game.

I thought this was over and was drinking heavily from the Cougar Kool-Aid. But the Zags stormed back. Give them credit. They deserved it.

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