December 5, 2009

Why it sucks to live in New Jersey

Good god, how do you people wake up in the morning in that garbage dump of a state? Now, I must say that the absolute worst state in the union is Montana because they don't have electricity, but New Jersey isn't very far behind. Why? Well...

1. You're New York's drunk brother. You know the same brother that doesn't go to college, works at Walmart greeting people and checking bags, smokes a bowl everyday and likes the Pittsburgh Steelers. Yep, that's you.

2. The New Jersey Nets - the Detroit Lions have won more games than you and THEY'RE A FOOTBALL TEAM. Do us all a favor and start playing in the European league.

3. Chuck from New Jersey keeps calling into talk radio shows from his mom's basement. And he's not the only one. In fact, I'm pretty sure 80 percent of people in NJ call talk radio shows from their mom's basement.

4. Is there any sort of famous landmark or natural feature in New Jersey? And the garbage dump heaps do not count.

5. Driving from Maryland to Boston, you pass through a zone that looks like a cross from Blade Runner and Mordor from Lord of the Rings. There are large smoke stacks with flames coming out of them, large pipes everywhere, everything smells like garbage and then you cross a bridge and you're in New York (which is as equally as bad.)

You know what this place is? New Jersey.

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