December 20, 2009

The worst college basketball defeat ever

I love my Eags, but good god they were terrible last night. They probably would have gotten beat by Ferris High School with the effort they put fourth.

So Mark Dunn (pictured right) scores the first two points of the game against BYU. And then the Cougars proceed to score 33 straight points as the Eagles failed to score for NINE minutes.


And the game only got worse as the final was an absolute slaughter, 91-34 in what has got to be the worst or one of the worst losses in EWU men's basketball history. And this is just 48 hours after playing a very promising game against a good Nevada team. What the hell? I know Provo isn't full of nightlife so they couldn't have been out the previous night or something.

Oh well, looks like back to the ol' drawing board.

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