December 26, 2009

You know you've overdone Christmas when...

1. Your pants don't fit anymore. Not your regular pants, your snow pants.

2. You wake up in a stupor and a pile of candy canes, fruit cakes and Christmas Cookies. Oh yeah, and your shoes are missing.

3. Instead of opening presents, you built a fort with them and tossed stocking stuffers at your siblings behind your wall of protection.

4. You're 24 and you're still wearing your Elf PJs with the footies connected to the rest of the PJs. That means you, Casey.

5. You led authorities on a three county chase while pretending to be Santa Claus and taking a sleigh out onto the highway.

6. That family tradition of Pictionary turned into a Duke-North Carolina battle very quickly complete with "warm up the bus" chants directed at your 80-year old grandmother.

7. You went sledding and since there is no snow, you used that packaging popcorn that came with all your gifts.

8. You watched all the Santa Clause movies with Tim Allen. There are three of them. Even the first one wasn't very good. Tim Allen hasn't been funny since 1997. In reality, Al Borland really carried that show.

9. Hallmark Movie Channel. Five straight hours. Why do so many country stars do Hallmark movies?

10. Two words: Santa tattoo.

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