January 27, 2010

Are you ready for the Ginger Turf?

We reported it first on Just South of North off of rumors, and now it's official, Eastern Washington will be playing on red artificial turf - making it the first football team in history to do so. ESPN is going to love this.

Former Eastern Washington University football standout Michael Roos of the Tennessee Titans has pledged $500,000 toward the university's "Red Turf" project at EWU's Woodward Field in Cheney, Wash., Eastern President Rodolfo Arévalo announced today.

The project is slated to take on a very unique twist with the installation of the red synthetic playing surface. The red artificial field will be the first of its kind, not just in NCAA Division I football, but in the entire country.

Eastern Athletic Director Bill Chaves, who is working with associate athletic director for development Marc Hughes on the project, said EWU needs to secure additional funding through private contributions before actual replacement can be started. It is hoped that the project can be funded and completed in time for the 2010 season.

"There is no doubt that one of Boise State's claim to fame has been their blue turf and like it or dislike it, it has certainly brought them a tremendous amount of notoriety," said Chaves. "In a similar vein we have a tremendous opportunity at Eastern to do the same by differentiating ourselves with the red turf while providing a superior playing surface."

I remember when I first started going to EWU and the football field consisted of a ice cream stand for a press box and the main grandstand. That was it (well there was the visitors bleachers too... which they really need to improve). Now they have a huge press box, end zone bleachers and upcoming red turf? Talk about improvement.

Stay tuned, Casey and I will be coming up with other things we'd like to see at Woodward Field.


  1. Red turf is a complete joke. Why make your football program a gimmic? Do you really think Boise St. recruits well because of their blue field or because they win 12 games every season.

  2. Actually Danny - I think it will do WONDERS for recruting. And I believe if you visit Rivals.com you will see one of EWU's recruits commented that he was sold when he saw the plans for the red turf.
    I guess the bottom line is, it doesn't hurt recruiting. Take out the last five years of Boise State football where the wins have been the story and they were just the funky team in the NW w/ blue turf. It didn't hurt them.

  3. Hope you guys are thinking EcoSafe and Environmentally Sustainable - no ground crumb rubber or silica sand infills - use only anti-microbial treated organic infill products which are 100% recyclable - aslo treats bacterial infections such as MRSA and will also save lots of money when the time comes to dispose of a turf filled with hazardous materials which will cost you an arm and a leg. There are better and less expensive solutions than what the industry leaders are feeding you.

  4. George, I did hear that artificial turf is a breeding ground for bacteria and really nasty things. Word to players... don't lick the turf.

  5. I just hope that this red turf doesn't fade in the Cheney sun. Cause then EWU would have a pink field. Not good.