January 16, 2010

The difference between Ray Lewis and I


Brandon -
had a brief stint as the first base coach for the Single-A Spokane Indians in 2006. Actually I just stood there terrified as the manager laughed. It was good times.

Ray Lewis - Has played 13 years in the NFL, going to the Pro-Bowl 11 times and winning one Super Bowl.


Brandon - Went to Eastern Washington University. Had roughly 35 regrettable hookups, 9 blackouts, 16 illegal things that he doesn't want anyone to find out about and I once sprayed a guy in the face with Raid.

Ray Lewis - Ray Lewis dominated at the University of Miami, and was the runner up for the Butkus award. In his junior season he had 160 tackles, the second most in Miami history. Since only the Super Nintendo was avaliable, we can only assume that a tech geek like Lewis was a monster on Super Mario World.


Brandon - Once got a noise sitation after inviting my buddy Brad over who proceeded to tell Police butt jokes.

Ray Lewis - Was once on trial for murder, however due to lack of evidence, those were dropped. (I do have an opinion about this. Considering how Ray has acted since the incident and the simple fact that Rat Lewis is an intelligent guy - if you've ever seen him off the football field, he's a bright dude - stabbing somebody does not seem like something he would do. And if somebody does have the propensity to stab another human being, I would imagine that they would have other issues that would have surfaced. You'd imagine that Ray would have gotten in more trouble since his murder trial in 2000 if he was such bad dude. I don't think he is.)


Brandon - Star Wars shirts

Ray Lewis - Purple and black.

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