January 25, 2010

Eagles to install red turf

This is just from the rumor mill and I have no official sources, but word on the street is that Eastern Washington will be installing red field turf to become the Boise State of the Big Sky Conference (errrr... second coming of Boise State in the Big Sky Conference?).

Another rumor has it that Michael Roos is donating a sizable amount of money, a half a million dollars, to get this project done. If this does happen, I don't know if EWU football will ever be the same. After some research, the only one Div. I team has installed different color turf - Boise St.- and EWU would obviously be the first school to sport red turf.

And what would we call it? The Ginger turf? Eag-turf? There's so many possibilities.

(again, this is not official, just looking at some rumors)


  1. It is happening. Will be great for Eastern.and Taiwan Jones next year.

  2. Yea, they confirmed it on the East West Shrine game and there is couple sources where EWU told the recuits coming in this fall. It will be done this summer. I'M PUMPED!

  3. It is a fact red turf, Bosies is the Smurf Turf EWU will be the Blood Rug........

  4. Thanks for using my mock-up without permission. You'd think even a wannabe photographer would know about copyright...