January 9, 2010

Eastern Washington in play-down game against Washington State

You know, I hate games like these. When a big school like Eastern Washington decides they need a cup-cake as their opponent and they go and schedule Washington State.  EWU is usually in the national playoff picture in football nearly every year, so they're not fooling anyone.

Ask yourself this... when was the last time Washington State made the playoffs in football? That's right. Never. It's in a small rural community town, it's stadium is among the smallest in the league and they don't even have a track around their field! How ghetto!

EWU needs to schedule tougher teams like Whitworth and Central Washington. If they don't get a big to the playoffs in 2012, all one has to do is point to their pedestrian scheduling with a doormat like Washington State.

I mean couldn't the Eagles at least play a Div. I football program?

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