January 8, 2010

The end of the Jim Mora Era

Jim Mora Jr. will not be back as head coach of the Seattle Seahawks, and that's fine with me. Not only did his teams this year seem to lack any sort of urgency but the play-calling was about as conservative as a Rush Limbaugh zealot with Sarah Palin bedsheets.

Mora was told this morning he was fired, news of the decision coming out because the Seahawks have already requested permission to speak with Leslie Frazier, the Minnesota Vikings' defensive coordinator, about the head-coaching position.

At 11:30 a.m., the Seahawks released a statement.

"We've made a tough decision today," CEO Tod Leiweke said in the team's announcement. "It became apparent after conducting an extensive internal audit, that a new direction was needed to provide an opportunity for the organization to be successful. Today's decision, while difficult, is part of the process in building a franchise with a new vision in 2010.

"Jim is truly a stand-up man, who gave his full effort to our franchise. We thank Jim and his family for their commitment to our community and for their contribution to the Seahawks."

Is he going to blame the offensive line for this too? I'm sure he'll be fine though, I hear that Washington State is going to be hiring in a year or so.

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