January 22, 2010

The Gonzaga Bulldogs drinking game

Want to have more fun watching your Gonzaga Bulldogs? Here's the handy-dandy Bulldogs drinking game that is sure to get you sloshed before the second half.

Take on drink everytime...

- TV Broadcaster and former Michael Jordan whipping boy Craig Ehlo says something that makes you question his soberness.
- Dimitri Goodson misses a three pointer. Take two drinks if he makes one.
- You see an ugly GU female student when they cut to the crowd. It's amazing the percentage of hot/ugly girls in the student section, it's at least 20:80.
- The announcer says "brought to you by Les Schwab Tires."
- They mention the 1999 Elite Eight run by the Zags, any pan to the banners hanging from the Kennel is also fair game.
- Robert Sacre smiles (sorry I'm trying to get you guys really drunk)
- Something causes you to think "The Zags can't guard the three!"
- Mark Few flashes his patented "about to strangle a puppy" face.
- Somebody says "I think the WCC is catching up to Gonzaga in terms of competitiveness."

Chug a beer everytime...

- Gonzaga pushes the lead over a WCC opponent to 20 points. Keep in mind you'll probably chug a beer every WCC contest.
- Casey Calvary is mentioned by the announcers. Chug two beers if they mention him breaking the backboard at the Spokane Arena.
- Spike hops in on the broadcast, trying to interrupt Craig Ehlo being drunk.
- Photo of John Stockton is shown with the old-school Jazz jersey.

Finish the Keg when...

- They show footage of Adam Morrison crying after losing to UCLA.
- Gonzaga is bounced from the tournament.
- Richard Fox breaks his chair on-air during the radio broadcast of the GU game.

There are the rules. Live by them.

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