January 31, 2010

Gonzaga loses to San Francisco, world ends

Gasp! I can't believe it happened but Gonzaga University laid an egg against a WCC opponent. Nevermind it's a young team that could make free throws if they were putting watermelons in a swimming pool, this is an outrage to Zags fans everywhere.

I would be surprised if season ticket holders even renew their seats after this season, after all they merely were the 8th ranked team in the country. After all, when you load up on that fine Jesuit tradition and the March Madness moments - this is simply unacceptable for the Bulldogs. 

(Gag. Hurl. )

These long tortured Zag fans drive me nuts. Sure they've been playing like crap but before this season the city of Spokane wasn't sure Gonzaga was even fielding a Div. I basketball team considering all the new faces on the roster. Sure last year's team looked lack-luster against WCC opponents, but they were woefully overrated  despite Final Four aspirations and even their run to the Sweet Sixteen was a bit by backdoor tomfoolery.

(And you're lucky that the team played in the ho-hum WCC because they sleep-walked for half the season. Zag fans wont talk about this. They were completely devoid of any passion or fire whatsoever. My least favorite Zag team ever.)

This year's team has probably met or beat expectations - just don't keep talking to me about how much better Gonzaga is better than other schools in college basketball. They're lucky they play in the WCC, and despite that luck, sometimes it runs out.

San Francisco showed last night that the Bulldogs are mortal and they have a long ways to go. People will jump up and down and talk about how "crappy" this team is... and then in a month when they're playing in the tournament, it will be like this never happened.

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  1. Another Zag hater . . cause the Dawgs and Cougs are doing so much better and the Pac 10 is such a power conference in basketball this year.