January 24, 2010

If you give a hockey fan a ladder, he'll crawl up into the rafters

You know your sport is doing well when the biggest story of the night is something that your fans do. Then again, I don't know how many fans in baseball and football that would crawl up into the rafters of the stadium. Sure, we had that douche that jumped on the backstop netting at Yankee Stadium but since it was a Yankees fan - everyone was disappointed the net just didn't give way.

Well this coming from Detroit, the city of Awesome-ness (just ask the Lions)...

Details are scarce, but we know three people found their way into a restricted area of the fifth floor of Joe Louis Arena. At that point, the section directly below them was evacuated, security perhaps anticipating the return of the Blue Blazer.

Two of them were arrested on the catwalk. One climbed even higher, onto a conduit, before freezing like a cat in a tree. He was eventually coaxed down, and fans returned to section 124, just in time to watch the Wings blow a lead.

The line of the night goes to the Kings announcer who said,

If he falls, that's too many men on the ice for Detroit."

Having been on quite a few arena catwalks, i have to say that you're either drunk or stupid to go out on one of those things. They do give you a certain sense of vertigo and if you don't have the right press pass or verification, you might find yourself in a jail cell in a hurry. And was the hockey game that boring?

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