January 28, 2010

JustSON Numbers: Breaking down the lowest-attended teams in the NBA

Okay remember how they said nobody showed up to Sonics games? If you compare it to conditions now in the NBA, things were just fine in the Key Arena. Look at the lowest attended teams in the NBA this year. Those numbers are their average per game.

New Jersey Nets - 13,709 -
This is actually pretty impressive considering they have FOUR wins overall.

Indiana Pacers - 13,578 74 -
The Pacers have had some terrible years and they've been at the bottom of the NBA attendance lists for some time now.

Philadelphia 76ers - 13,510-
They've had a dissapointing season so far and they've been "rebuilding" for some time now.

Sacramento Kings - 13,375 -
This number is somewhat misleading since they play in a small building, but they aren't a hot NBA ticket either.

Memphis Grizzlies - 12,990 - The remains of another Northwest NBA team, and look how it's turning out.

And you want to know how much the Sonics were drawing before their last season at The Key Arena? (Note: The last season before the move doesn't count because the fan base was disenfranchised, however two years before they went to Oklahoma is much more impressive.)

Seattle SuperSonics (2006-2007) 15,955 - The Sonics sold 93.5 of their seats for the season and this was after it became somewhat apparent the NBA was going to let them move. Wonderful move Stern, wonderful move.

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