January 26, 2010

The magic and madness that is a DVR

So my roommate and I have finally upgraded to the 21st century with a DVR. Sure we'll be eating ketchup packages and saltine crackers for the next month in order to afford it, but dammit, we won't have to worry about missing any television.

However, the following problems have cropped up.

1. My roommate decided to record everything in standard def - which when you have an awesome high-def television looks like crap - causing me to through numerous items at him, including his prized Washington Capitals toliet seat cover. Really? 24 in standard def? Is that Jack Bauer or Ryan Seacrest?

2. Random alerts pop up asking if I want to stop recording or switch to another channel, causing me to have a minor heart attack wondering if something is recording or not. This is seriously a very stressful situation. Heaven forbid I have to go to Hulu and watch "Community" on a computer screen.

3. I stayed up late watching every show I recorded to ensure I had a maximum viewing experience. Basically I watched every prime-time show between 6 pm and 9 pm. Here's hoping I don't get fired from work.

Now I can see why so many people are unemployed... with options like this, who needs to go to work?


  1. Hey now, I watch Community on Hulu... Not everyone is high brow Richy McRicherson enough to get DVR.