January 16, 2010

NASA does drugs?

I knew that astronauts are used to being high in the atmosphere, but this is just ridiculous...

US space chiefs fear an employee was seeking a different kind of out-of-this-world experience in the restricted area at Kennedy Space Centre, Florida.

About 200 staff and contractors have access to the hangar, which houses the shuttle Discovery.

Six astronauts including Briton Nick Patrick are due to blast off in March. But space chiefs insisted the mission goes ahead as planned.

The US space agency started testing and interviewing all staff on Wednesday.

Drug sniffer dogs were also brought in to find the culprit. Three years ago, Nasa was forced to deny allegations of boozy parties after an official report claimed two astronauts had flown into space while drunk.

Since when did we let college students into NASA? Come on  guys...

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