January 8, 2010

Pete Carroll... the best coach in Seahawks history?

Pay no attention to the NCAA Violations behind the curtain at USC... Pete Carroll is one of the best coaches in the history of college football. And if he does end up going to the Seattle Seahawks, well, remember the last time the team got a big name to steer the ship?

Yeah his name was Mike Holmgren and he took the team to a Super Bowl.

Sure the reason Carroll might be jumping ship is to avoid the disbandment of USC due to violations, but whatever, it's college sports, everything from the 3rd graders getting recruiting to the sleezy AAU guys making money to the agents lurking around high schools to the money the schools makes off of their players but never pay them is absolutely ridiculous. Unless Carroll locked somebody in a shed, I don't think Seahawks fans will have any problem with what happens.

And having witnessed Carroll in person on the sideline (like 10 feet away, seriously, I felt like a stalker), he is a very charismatic guy and really loves his players. You can tell. It would be wonderful to have him on the sidelines for the Seahawks.

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