January 4, 2010

Reliving the Titans win in Seattle

All you Seahawks fans are probably bemoaning the loss to the Tennessee Titans but... whatever... go Titans.

Notice the Dallas Cowboys douche texting in the bottom right.

"We had to pay MONEY to see this? BOOOOOOO!"

"Hey! A sporting events where Seattle fans actually show up! How about that eh?"

"What is this? Is this a douuughnut? I love doughnuts. MMmm Doughnuts..."

"Hmmm did I leave the oven on? Awww crap"

"Boy did that other team suck or what?"

"I'm trying out for the Quarterback position because I know I won't be head coach next season."

"AHHHH! The voices! They won't stop! AHHHH!"

"Uh Mike, that's the radio inside your helmet"

Team Photo Time! WEEEEEE!!!

"Awww so that's what a quarterback throwing the football looks like. Amazing"

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