January 23, 2010

Signs you're stuck in the 90s

The co-writer of this blog, Casey, has a bit of a crises sometimes when it comes to what decade he's living in. You see, he still connects to the internet via dial-up, says things like rad and tubular, and watches the movie "Speed" a lot.

Let me be the first to say that he has a bit of a problem. Those are some of the warning signs, but if you are also questioning what decade you think you're living in, here are some red flag warnings.

You're still asking people if they think OJ Simpson is innocent -
Meanwhile, he's in jail still looking for the killer of Nicole Brown. Good job.

You're wearing a Colorado Rockies jacket along with a Charlotte Hornets basketball jersey -
Two mainstay sports paraphernalia items that every 10-15 year-old wore during the 1990s.

Your still have to pump-up your shoes before you go out -
They give you at least a foot of extra jumping height.

Now if you will excuse me, I have to go check out my new Alice in Chains record.

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