January 25, 2010

"That Couple" ... the ugly couple

Some individuals have caught on to my seemingly relentless ability to make fun of peopleand feel compelled to tell me that I'm an a-hole.

Oh well, a lot of Gonzaga girls are ugly, get over it. I know I'm not the best looking tool in the shed, but you can start a blog and call me out on it too. Go on ahead.

With that said, I would like to move onto another ugly "thing" that drives me up the wall... the ugly couple.

The problem with the ugly couple, as opposed to a good looking couple is that they're so insecure about their looks, they feel the needs to leapfrog the acceptable line of PDA and makeout while standing in line at Walmart.

While most couples are resevred to holding hands in public, the ugly couple finds the most public places to display acts that should only be shown on Cinemax. And you know they know people are looking. And you know they want people to look.

I dunno about you, but watching somebody in matching Dungeons and Dragons costumes do the dirty while I'm trying to buy a movie ticket to "Sherlock Holmes" is not something I want to be a part of. They probably have an ugly couple house, where they could do their ugly couple things in private so I don't have this image burned into my brain. Could we enact some sort of law?


  1. Dear Brandon,
    That is a mean thing to say.

  2. ... you are correct... at times you are definitely a tool. this posting illustrates that