January 15, 2010

What's with the Pete Carroll hate?

Seahawks fans, I know that you're probably the best fan base in the NFL and you make Qwest Field one of the most imposing home stadiums in professional sports but can you get a little perspective?

Instead of tearing down Pete Carroll every change you get you might want to remember that (a) he's won two national championships and (b) he's developed an incredible amount of NFL talent. He also was a head coach in the NFL already and despite everyone's amnesia thinking that he's a terrible coach, he actually had an above .500 record. All this negativity probably comes from the fact that his last NFL job was at New England which has a media base that tries to eat its own teams alive unless they're winning championships.

You should be happy the Seahawks went out and got a big name to lead their team because he has just as much chance to turn this team around as a no-name assistant. It's a concentrated effort to improve the team as opposed to the "ho-hum attitude" that so many Seattle franchises seem to have. Stop complaining Seattle fans!

And you can officially put me in the "Pro-Pete" group.

1 comment:

  1. Can somebody remind me what Mike Holmgren's record was his first 4 years at the helm of the Hawks? Yep, it was 31-33 folks. Seems like this is a black and white issue with Hawks fans. Those of us that know that Pete is a good coach and has a chance to be very successful in the right situation, Seattle seeming like a good situation for him to be in. And there are those that still think the Seahawks are Super Bowl contenders and thing Jim Mora didn't get a fare shake, when in reality he was a terrible hire from the outset. Go Hawks!