January 2, 2010

World's tallest building opens

Dubai may be in complete financial ruin but yesterday they opened the world's tallest building. Congrats! But good luck looking for someone that actually wants to move into the building or can afford to.

Monday sees the long-awaited opening of the Burj Dubai, not only the world's tallest building but the world's tallest building by some 1,000 feet. At 2,683 feet tall, it is the height of the current highest skyscraper, Taipei 101 in Taiwan, with the Eiffel Tower perched on top.

It has been designed so that those who wish to do so will never have to leave, or even descend below the 108th floor, at about 1,300 feet.

Well when the world is completely covered by water thanks to corporate waste and global warming, at least we know that this thing will be poking up in the water.