February 25, 2010

ESPN needs to dress better

You've probably heard about the suspension of ESPN personality Tony Kornheiser for making fun of Hannah Storm's wardrobe on his radio show. Now having read his comments, they certainly weren't the friendliest thing ever, and I guess you shouldn't be saying stuff about a coworker's clothes. On a radio show. In Washington, D.C.

However, I have to say that Tony's comments have some truth to them, I can't tell you how many times I've heard "Can you believe what she's wearing on set right now?!" from a friend while watching SportsCenter. I get that Hannah Storm can wear whatever she wants, but you really have to question her choice of knee high boots, and short, tight skirts. Maybe Kornheiser shouldn't have said anything about this, but maybe ESPN should stop letting it's anchors dress like that.

I'm serious, go on Deadspin.com and look at all the posts that make fun on the female anchors (and rightly so), because some of the stuff they wear is GODAWFUL. So maybe ESPN should look in the mirror and consider dressing its anchors in a more conservative manner so slip ups like these don't happen again.

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