February 11, 2010

Good Morning cold weather fans

Boy how about this winter we've been having in Spokane? Unless you're the biggest pansy this side of the Cascade Mountains, you've realized that this has been an incredibly mild winter. So mild in fact, I wore shorts yesterday. In February.

Other than waiting for global warming to kill me, I've also been following the snow that has struck Washington, D.C. Remember the huge amount of snow that dropped on Spokane last year? Yep, that's what they're dealing with in our nation's capital.

Ho-hum you say? In Spokane, we just kind of throw our hands up in the air and say "boy what a winter!" but in Washington D.C. they're calling it the second coming of the Apocalypse. I mean watch this DC Weatherman... he's kind of freakin' out.

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