February 6, 2010

Good Morning EWU Basketball fans!

I'm sure you're all at the edge of your seat to see the Big Sky Conference men's basketball standings (I know I am), and don't worry they're coming but first I would like to complain about this ridiculous scheduling that the conference has done this year. Many weekends are Friday-Saturday lineups, meaning the Eags play two games in 48 hours.

That's absolutely brutal and really brings down the quality of play in the Big Sky. Case in point is in the standings...

1. Weber State
Conf. (8-1) Ovr. (14-7)

2. Northern Colorado
Conf. (7-3) Ovr. (18-5)

3. Montana
Conf. (6-4) Ovr. (15-7)

3. Montana State
Conf. (6-4) Ovr. (11-10)

4. Northern Arizona
Conf. (5-5) Ovr. (11-10)

5. Portland State

Conf. (4-5) Ovr. (9-12)

6. Idaho State
Conf. (3-6) Ovr. (6-15)

7. Eastern Washington

Conf. (2-7) Ovr. (6-17)

8. Sacramento State
Conf. (2-8) Ovr. (8-15)

As you can see there is a big bulge of teams in the middle of the conference (who just so happen to be the interior teams of the geographical makeup of the Big Sky conference - hence less traveling), and this isn't because of a natural parody. It's because teams are so gassed during the weekend, the play of a team isn't really a reflection of how good they are but rather how fresh their legs are. It sucks. Badly.

And I know it's to save a buck here or there (less hotel costs) but at what point does running these student-athletes ragged negate the money saved? Aren't we supposed to be looking at their interests? Just a thought.

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