February 19, 2010

Good morning mildly hung over people

Is there anything worst than going out on a Thursday night? You have two kinds of people that f-things up.

1. People that have to work in the morning and dont want to drink that much.
2. People that don't have to work in the morning and want to get sloshed.

Problem is, you're either one or the other and you always end up arguing with the person who is the other type. If you're responsible, it always seems like everyone else is unemployed and trying to make you the poster boy for "Hungover: the Documentary." If you're looking for a good time, it seems like everyone is hanging out at home watching Jepordy or nursing their Shirley Temple.

Which leads me to propose this idea... do we really need to work on Friday? Here is how a normal friday goes...

9:10 am - roll in late, hungover.
9:30 am - coffee... good you can see and hear now.
10 am - see your coworker who took off their shirt at the bar last night.
11 am - take early lunch.
1:30 pm - get back from lunch, still slight hungover.
2 pm - realize you only have three more hours to do something productive.
2:40 pm - make quick phones calls and realize everyone at work is doing the same rushed, crappy job as you.
3:00 pm - actually get work done.
3:30 pm - take off early. I mean come on. It's Friday!

So employers... wouldn't you rather just cut Fridays and have us work productively four days out of the week. This would be much more cost-effective. But what do I know? I'm just a blogger...


  1. You must start this campaign dude. We're SO in!

  2. You managed to make it in for 9.10am? That is an epic achievement that I could only aspire to after a night on the juice!