February 9, 2010

Good Morning NFL Draft fans!

With the Super Bowl over, we now have to turn our attention to the draft where I'll make the prediction that more college players will be picked than high school players. Just a hunch.

As you can see, I've been training for the upcoming rookies combine and that's quite a vertical. I'm pretty sure these people couldn't jump higher than me...

1. Jabba the Hutt
2. a cinder block
3. Casey, after consuming eight bottles of beer, 40 hot wings and a small boar. Oh and his feet would have to be tied to the floor.
4. ┼Żydr┼źnas Ilgauskas
5. Gary Coleman
6. A sloth

So as you can see, I 'm a shoe-in if any NFL team takes a look at me. They'd better pick me up soon before somebody else in their division goes after me.

(And I'm not really talking about me, I'm talking about the football player I made on Madden 10 that kind of looks like me and has every stat maxed out at 99. Pretty impressive stuff, if I do say so myself)

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