February 13, 2010

Good morning non-sports fans

So I really wished I had more sports stuff to through you ways, but it's kind of the dead-time before March Madness starts. Granted things are still going on, but do you really want me to break down the Daytona 500?

Outside of the world of sports, things are hopping, let me point out some things that are currently ruling my life.

I know it's not as good as previous seasons but it's still 24 and already we've had a severed thumb, Jack Bauer's been stabbed (but he shook it off like a flesh wound) and some guy got stabbed in the throat with a pen (? or knife). I'd say it's still entertaining.

Following the cast of Jersey Shore on Twitter -
Okay, perhaps I'm stalking them, but I swear Snooki gets drunk every single night.

Running -
And running a freakin' lot, close to everyday. My calves are starting to look like Mark McGuire during the mid-90s.

Eagerly awaiting soccer season to start -
Okay, this is sports related but... Go Sounders!!!

As you can see, I need more friends.

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