February 15, 2010

Is Danica Patrick hot?

If you watched the Super Bowl (which you did) you saw roughly 2,345 GoDaddy.com commercials featuring Danica Patrick - the open wheel racer phenom turned NASCAR rookie - who probably is racing's most famous name.

She crashed during the Daytona 500, but that wasn't really an indictment on her skill. She's been a consistent top finisher in the IRL points standings - something that has more bearing than just winning a race or two. But do guys like her? Or are we going to get sick seeing her face on TV more often than Ronald McDonald.

Maybe. She's certainly attractive, nobody is arguing that but sometimes her demanding attitude can get real old quickly. I'll say that sometimes I don't like her comments to the media, the come across kind of spoiled/way too cocky and there's been much to do about her blows up sometimes in the pits. However, that could also be a sign of our society's sexism. A man is demanding and leaves his emotions on his sleeve and people praise him for his competitiveness, when a woman does it, it's apparently annoying? There's definitely a double standard.

NASCAR needs Patrick though. They've been hurting and been flat as a sport as of late. The economic crises hasn't helped things. A phenom like her could revitalize interest in NASCAR because frankly, a Daytona 500 stopped because of potholes isn't going to drive fans to the race tracks.

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