February 23, 2010

Some new features that my computer SHOULD have

1. A Nigerian Email Scam Filter - I mean how hard it is to realize that "If you deposit 2,000 dollars in my account, I will give your three hundred bazillion dollars in return" is a scam.

2. Anything that could make me forget about The Who's performance during the Super Bowl - Good god... make the bad images stop.

3. A countdown clock to opening day of baseball - Cannot wait... seriously, baseball needs to get here soon after an ultimately forgettable football season. Bring on the PEDs! Bring on the overpaid Yankees! I want to watch Field of Dreams till my eyes bleed and argue with some old guy about the statistical importance of Franklin Gutierrez.

4. A Canadian Application - Something that makes my computer friendlier and more ap to know something about hockey.

5. A Cooking Application - No seriously, I'm tired of eating corned beef hash heated up in a microwave.


  1. EVERYONE IN THE WORLDFebruary 23, 2010 at 1:52 PM

    How about something that makes Moose Jaw disappear... THAT would be the best program ever. I would leave it running non-stop.

  2. So a computer that would make sure there's no free food around?