February 4, 2010

The Super Bowl of douchey NFL fans

There is nothing worse, and I mean NOTHING worse than these types of NFL fans listed below. And you know that they'll be in full force for the Super Bowl on Sunday.

The Girlfriend that claims to love football but thinks a two-point conversation is a night of hookups - Cheering when the other team sacks your quarterback, asking why they can't throw the ball through the uprights and asking what inning it is.

Raiders fan - Break it to them slowly, since they haven't watch an NFL game since 2002, but the Raiders aren't in the Super Bowl. Nor is there team a bunch of bad ass mofos. I mean come on, JaMarcus Russell is not a badass.

Mr. NFL - Nobody cares that you can recite the 2007 Atlanta Falcons roster. Get a job and a girlfriend, also try and wash your Michael Vick jersey. Ew.

Mr. NFL Lite -
You watched three NFL games this year and you want to talk about who the greatest NFL quarterback in history is? No, it's not Matt Hasselbeck.

High-five bro - NO! The Colts are not my team! Why are you high-fiving me! WHY?!?!?!

Fantasy Football Guy - I have that guy. that guy. That guy. That guy. That guy. That guy. That guy. That guy. That guy. That guy.

Problem is... this probably describes 50 percent of NFL fans. Ugh.

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