February 23, 2010

Video board at Eastern Washington University

As many of you readers know, Brandon and I both graduated from Eastern Washington University. Because of this we keep an eye on what is happening around the campus.

And the best source for keeping up-to-date on all the happenings at Eastern is of course The Easterner.

Now the paper comes out each Wednesday, but I missed reading in last week. So today while I was on the site I came across an interesting article by Senior Reporter Dustin Toms.

The article was about the improvements that Eastern is planning on making to Woodward Field after the red turf is installed. The main thing is the scoreboard.

EWU is looking at putting in a video board. The main reason stated in the article is the age of the current scoreboard and cost of finding parts for it.

One thing that jumped out at me was the fact that the cost for the video board will be around $400,000 and $500,000, depending on the specifics of the board and the location in the stadium. Where else would they put it?

The current location is the perfect spot for the score board. If you put it on the endzone you have the track in the way. If you put it on the pressbox only the visiting fans can see it. And if you put it above the visitor stands, then they can't see it. So where else would it go?

I think a video board would be awesome and really bump Eastern to the next level. Especially since more than half of the Big Sky Conference teams have a video scoreboard. Those teams are Weber State, Northern Arizona, Montana State, Idaho State and of course the dreaded Griz of Montana.

For a depiction of the new scoreboard, check out the pdf of last weeks Easterner, page 11.

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