February 5, 2010

Will Foster might be the greatest GU basketball player ever

Spokane didn't implode last night as Gonzaga bounced back from their embarrassing loss to San Francisco (where 20 students rushed the court down in California) to crush Portland 76-49.

The star player of the game? Will Foster, ladies and gentlemen. The big sasquatch looking fellow had a career high in points last night, causing the MAC crowd to rise to its feet in support. How many points did the big guy score?

Six points.

Now if there was a favorite player on the Zags team that I had (I don't, but that's because I'm surly and bitter), Will Foster would be it. And for the record, Mark Few doesn't play him nearly enough. But whatever, six points.

If I were Foster, I might of been a little tweaked at the crowd. I scored six points and you're giving me a patronizing cheer? Is this high school? When is prom?

Foster adds a lot more to the court than his scoring, bascially he scares the sh** out of anyone thinking about going down the lane because the guy looks like the next coming of Hagrid from Harry Potter. It doesn't show up in the stats, but anytime you have a seven footer in the middle, it changes the way a team plays.

But hey six points, clap clap clap.

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