February 20, 2010

The worst mistakes in video game history

1. Looking at the wrong screen during Mario Kart - There's nothing worst than thinking you're in first place and then realize you're guy is actually the one in the bottom right corner screen going the wrong direction into a pit of lava.

2. Detonating your own bombs too close to you in GoldenEye - Really who blows themselves up except for terrorists that live in caves and poop in a hole? Yep, just gaming newbs like yourself.

3. Getting beat down in Halo - Wait a minute, somebody killed me with the butt of their gun? They didn't actually shoot me, they snuck up on my while I trying to figure out how to aim my gun and knocked my brains out. I'm a douche.

4. Losing at Tetris - These bricks are stacking up... I need the long line block. Give me that. Not that L-shaped business. Ah wait... a square?!?! What the hell am I supposed to do with a square?

5. Accidentally lateraling the ball on NCAA Football 10 - Pressing the left shoulder button has the quarterback fling the ball out to the right where your running back should be. Problem is, if you're in shotgun formation and you're dropped back to pass, this move means you're screwed.

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