February 14, 2010

Your Gonzaga hangover: give the WCC title to the Zags

I'm not going to try and break down these games anymore to try and come up with faults in GU's team. After dismantling Portland and San Diego, it would be a pretty safe bet to say that the Zags will be rolling to the WCC Championship. That earlier loss to San Francisco was a wake up call and now they're pulling off the patented "FU Game" on the rest of the conference.

The Zags got out to a 19-0 lead over San Diego last night. 19-0!! And at one point during the game, head coach Mark Few told one of his players not to dunk on a wide open attempt, possibly to not show up San Diego (the team is coached by former Gonzaga assistant Bill Grier). In other words, it was one of those games that was over before it really started.

So sorry Zag fans, this team is legit and nobody in the WCC should be able to touch them for the rest of the season. I shouldn't have doubted that - although I do think that some of the top tier teams in the conference will play Gonzaga tougher in the WCC tournament than what they've been doing during the regular season.

Now with that said, I now have to figure out if the opposing team is going to cover the double digit spreads for the reason of the season.

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