February 12, 2010

Your Gonzaga hangover

Shaking the cobwebs off (hey, it was a late night for me), last night's Gonzaga game seemed a bit odd for me. Usually St. Mary's puts up a hell of a fight against the Zags and that was true in the first half. However, they came out after halftime looking like Ashlee Simpson during a bad SNL performance.

Which was a shame, St. Mary's took advantage of Gonzaga's now-patented slow start, hit some threes and looked like they showed up to play. I'm not saying I was rooting for the Gaels, but it's good experience for the Zags to be in a dogfight with a very good team because now it is something they now won't experience against the a WCC opponent until the conference tournament.

Gonzaga used a 16-3 run in the second half to pretty much wrap things up and it was all pillow talk after that. I think my brain went into basketball cruise control about halfway through the second - either that or I was nursing some alcohol because I just lost 20 cents on CentSports.com because the Gaels didn't cover the spread.

Couple things I noticed:

- I have a man crush on Elias Harris. He had 19 points and was the studly German he should be. Hoping he'll make a nice addition to the Cavs next year.

- St. Mary's Omar Samhan led all scorers with 21 points and all rebounders with 11, yet the student section decided to chant "overrated." Not even a completely trashed EWU student section would stoop to that level. The 2004-2007 GU student section was something to behold. This years student section sits on their hands too much, whines about fouls too much and doesn't know a damn thing about basketball.

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