March 10, 2010

Boo Montana!

Can I relay to you the hatred I have for Montana? I'm not going to be classy. I'm not going to be professional. The state of the Montana sucks. It's basically a large truck stop in between Idaho and the Dakotas. Their fans are a very close cousin of New York Yankees fans, except with mullets.

And they'll celebrate being in the NCAA Tournament after defeating the Big Sky's No. 1 seed in the Conference Tournament Championship 66-65. The reason? Anthony Johnson isn't human.

The 6-3 senior from Tacoma, WA (Wonderful recruitment Eags) went off for the Grizzlies tonight for 42 points, obviously his highest total of the season and career. Montana trailed Weber State for most of the game and it appeared that the Wildcats were in control but Johnson kept going off, 34 of his points came in the second half. Weber State tensed up and did a perfect choke job.

And now I have to listen all about the Grizzlies before they get blown out in the first round. WONDERFUL. Can we just do away with conference tournaments?

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