March 12, 2010

A fantastic sight

Seeing Yankee Stadium fall apart like this is just a wonderful feeling. Seeing that mammoth piece of crap get torn down without even the dignity of a spectacular implosion is sure fitting.

And you know what? There are still several questions that arise with the final gasps of the place, such as...

Why did the Yankees move from the stadium when it was actually only 30 years old? (You see Yankee Stadium was renovated in 1973, which basically means it was completely redone - kind of like Soldier Field and Lambeau Field a few years back - oh, and Key freakin' Arena in Seattle) The sole reason of moving into a new park that was designed to extract every possible dollar from their fans was clearly greed.

Was George Steinbrenner among those who was crushed in the rubble? Sadly no.

Enjoy your day Yankees fans!

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