March 18, 2010

How to tell if you're gawd-awful at MLB 2K10

So my roommate just bought MLB 2K10, and I have realized I'm terrible at it. Gawd awful. I have no business playing video games ever again. And with that, I present the symptons that you're bad at MLB 2K10.

1. Your Amish roomate (or MooseJaw) beats you at the game...
2. ... with the Pittsburgh Pirates, or the 2008 "Legacy" Mariners team.
3. Gill Meche has a no-hitter going against you in the eighth.
4. You spend 30 minutes trying out how to perform the "Swing" function on the game.
5. You get fed up with the game and switch to Mario Kart.
6. You ask somebody when you can kick the field goal on the game.
7. Your pitcher substitutions are so bad, your friends start calling you Grady Little.
8. The game suggests you switch the difficulty to "Manny being Manny" mode.
9. With Albert Pujols you manage a grand total in the home run depot of four infield hits.
10. Jamie Moyer sets the MLB strikeout record against you in the game.

You've been warned.

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