March 21, 2010

The Saints apparently don't like their fans

The Super Bowl Champions New Orleans Saints are renovating their press box and adding new luxury suites. Cool right? They're just reaping the rewards of their championship and upgrading a press box that is probably really old. However, there is a problem...

On Thursdsay, Saints Box Office employees began calling close to 1,200 season ticket holders to let them know their seats are disappearing in order to make room for a new press box.  The old press box is being replaced with 16 new suites.

And it's those sitting in the upper rows within sections 639, 640, and 641 who are being forced to give up their seats.

"We're working with those folks one-on-one and we take it very seriously," said Michael Stanfield, vice-president of ticket & suite sales. "The fan is number one, without the fan, we're not here in new Orleans." The Saints organization says while the wait list for season tickets is already 50,000-people long, the season ticket holders who are being displaced will be moved to the front of the line.

That's crazy that every single seat in the Superdome is a season ticket holder. You'd think that they would set a cap for holders but this is the NFL and it is the Saints (New Orleans favorite team). Bad PR Mojo all around.

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