April 30, 2010

Walter Jones, the toughest guy named Walter ever

What do you say about this guy? After he announced he retirement, I felt a tinge of "hey hold on, so we wont get to make the joke about Walter Jones skipping training camp again?"

To his credit, he has a kidney condition that doesn't allow him to take painkillers that are stronger than say Tylenol. Wow. It takes a man to play football like that. And in 13 years of playing tackle for the Seahawks, he was called for holding just nine times. Are you kidding me?

Thank you Walter Jones, you may have the record for "offensive lineman I traded for the most when starting a franchise on Madden". I think Shaq would refer to you as a video game cheat code.

Here is some highlights of Jones.
Check out the old school Seahawks jersey in this video too. Classic!

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