May 22, 2010

Gameday for Spokane Shock

This is probably my last Spokane Shock game (at least on a regular week-to-week basis) since I'm moving to Montana, so this should have some extra special meaning. I've shot for the team since their inception in 2006 and while I've missed some games, I've been to most. They've been an absolute blast to shoot, and I haven't followed or shot a team quite as closely as the Shock.

The players and coaches have always been very welcoming and appreciative, the fans have been fanastic and really one of the main reasons I've shot the games. These people really do live and die with their team, and it goes to show you just how good of a sports town Spokane is. Every Saturday there is a home game, the arena is packed and rocking. Every team that comes in here gets affected by the noise, and if they tell you otherwise they're lying, there isn't a home venue in all of arena football that's quite like Spokane.

It's been fun, let's hope they'll come away with a victory tonight against Utah.

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