May 12, 2010

This sounds like a bad Disney movie

We hear about people that can't really grow past high school, the peak of their life being prom night, but this is probably the most extreme case we've seen.

Montimere led his old high school hoops team to the state semifinal before giving college ball a brief shot (at Highland Community College in Illinois.) When that didn't pan out, he dropped out of college and life ... until emerging in Odessa under a new name. He claimed to be parent-less and living with a half-brother—who was actually an old high school teammate. When the "brother" moved away, Permian head coach Danny Wright became his legal guardian, moving Montimere into his home. Because he was an immigrant, no one questioned his lack of school records or foreign birth certificate. It was the perfect plan.

Or it was until Montimere's old AAU coaches from Florida noticed "Jerry Joesph" playing at a tournament in Arkansas and realized it was the same kid. They tipped off authorities in Texas, but even federal immigration investigators concluded that Joseph and Montimere were two different people. However, even though "Joseph" didn't really exist he was in danger of being deported, so when confronted with his deception, Montimere confessed. Now everyone in the district is left scratching their heads.

I'm actually surprised more people haven't tried to do this. I mean if you have a baby face and an ability to forge an identity, why not relive your high school years? Other than the utter creepiness that follows it, hey, it's a fun time!

(And don't you think the AAU coach is a dick for tipping off the authorities about one of his former players. What an ass!)

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