May 1, 2010

We interrupt this program for more NBA playoffs commentary

Lakers win! They advance to the second round of playoffs after disposing of the Thunder, formerly the Sonics. However, Kobe didn't make the game-winning shot to send the Oklahoma City Thunder packing. That was Pau Gasol's move. That obviously means Kobe is old and should probably retire next year. Trust me. He's had it. Completely done for.

Now up for the Lakers? The Utah Jazz. Why am I so excited for LA? Because I want them to eviserate the boring Jazz. Nobody likes them except for the state of Utah. Their players and bland. I couldn't care less about their coach. Stockton is gone. Malone is gone  They have no flashy stars. Even their Fox Sports Net broadcasts are terribly bland and boring.

The sooner they can leave the playoffs the better and apparently Denver wasn't up to the task. That kind of happens when your coach gets throat cancer. If you want to cry a lot, watch the ESPN report they did on George Karl while he's watching the Nuggets from home and getting cancer treatment. If you down shed a tear, you're not human.

This second round should be very interesting, I don't think we're going to get any sweeps.

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