June 29, 2010

2010 Tour Divide winner

Earlier this year we told you about the Tour Divide. Well, Matthew Lee claimed his sixth Tour Divide victory in the early hours of today.

He covered the 2,745 miles, through snow, rain, hail, winds and intense heat, in 17 days, fifteen hours and 13 minutes.

Oh, and a bike thief.

While in Grants, New Mexico Lee stopped for a burger.

To paraphrase the story as I understand it (as reported on the race forum), Matthew was eating a burger, watching his bike out the window, when an unsavoury character strolled up, stared Matthew in the eye and cycled off. Thankfully, the bike was recovered during a chase through town and brought back to McDonalds, where it was recovered by Matt.

You can keep track through the official SPOT leaderboard as the rest of the racers attempt their finish.

As for the Washingtonians in the race, three of the original six remain. Those are Dave Preston, Seattle, WA; Mike Prochaska, North Bend, WA; and Derek Richert, Seattle, WA.

Prochaska is ahead of the other two, with all three having recently crossed into New Mexico.

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