June 15, 2010

Bear destroys camp

REI's co-op blog had a great post today on what a bear can do to a campsite that is unattended, sloppy and a just plain invitation to wildlife.

Each spring the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle sets up a demonstration to show what can happen if your camp looks like the above mentioned camp. They do this to educate the public on how we can camp and stay bear safe.

The video, which shows a previous year’s demo, offers a good reminder to secure your food and other scented items whenever you’re in bear country. While blueberries are typically a bear's favorite meal, they will make quick work of a campsite with poorly secured food.

Make sure that if you are in bear country that you either use a bear canister or a campground bear box and keep your tent away from your food.

For more information check out our earlier post about staying safe in bear country.

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