June 10, 2010

Bicycle training

I'm still training for the People's Coast Classic and figured I'd update you guys on how it is going.


First off let's start with fund-raising. We've been hitting the fund-raising trail and right now our team is sitting at just over $2,000. Keep in mind we need to raise $7,500 as a team. To all those who have donated THANK YOU! And if you haven't and have a few dollars to spare, please consider doing so.

The funds go to a great cause and are TAX DEDUCTIBLE. The funds are broken down pretty simply and again, we are riding in honor of my niece who went blind in one eye at the age of six due to juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.

For each dollar that I raise, 49 cents goes toward funding research, 19 cents goes to public education programs (such as camps for kids), 8 cents goes to patient and community services (such as Lifestyle Improvement exercise programs, 4 cents goes toward updating medical providers on the latest in arthritis treatments and 20 cents goes toward fund-raising costs.

So please donate and SUPPORT our ride! You can visit my ride site to donate. Thank you.


As for training I am slowly adding the miles. On Tuesday I rode into Seattle for a round trip 25 miler.

So far I've put on just over 200 miles of training. I know, I know. Not a tone. But it's been raining like a monsoon for most of the summer so far and to compensate I've been hitting the gym.

My bike has been holding up nicely. The tires however have not. Haha.

I got my first flat with it on a 50 mile ride two weeks ago. Glass on the trail. Since then I've had two more flats for a total of three. And you know what they say, "bad things come in threes." Let's hope that is true for flat bicycle tires!

On Sunday I'm meeting up with my dad for about a 50 mile ride. If the weatherman is correct should be a beautiful day.

That's all I have for an update at this time. Tune back in for more soon!

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