June 16, 2010

Man vs Wild video game E3

Earlier this year I told you about the Man vs. Wild video game.

The release is getting closer. According to Bear's Twitter:

Bear Grylls: Off to LA now for launch of man vs wild playstation and wii then to Death valley, Nevada for HALO skydive into desert show.

It appears that Bear will be gracing E3 with his presence. E3 is of course the Electronic Entertainment Expo that is held every year to introduce the latest in electronic awesomeness.

Here's what the official press release said:

The game offers five authentic situations in a role play-style adventure, featuring seasoned survival expert Bear Grylls.

The action begins when players are dropped into extreme conditions and forced to demonstrate indigenous survival techniques such as escaping quicksand in the desert, exploring dangerous jungles, traversing ravines in the mountains and navigating some of the world's most treacherous waters.

The core gameplay of Man vs. Wild is a dynamic mix of exhilarating action adventure, role playing and puzzle solving tasks throughout five extraordinary expeditions. Players gather materials to accomplish tasks such as building fires, catching food, and creating the necessary tools for survival while traveling across miles of diverse landscapes.

Key features of Man vs. Wild game:
  • Role Playing Adventure: Players will explore and survive wilderness destinations and discover hundreds of items while maintaining the health and well-being of Bear Grylls;

  • Strategically Positioned Survival Challenges: Depending on location and skill level, players will be tested with hundreds of "Survival Challenges" ranging from the simple (building a fire) to the wildly insane (dodging a Grizzly bear);

  • Wild Weather: Players will experience a wide range of weather conditions including snow storms, intense rain, sand storms and more while traveling through five challenging landscapes around the globe;

  • Survival: Refuge, food and water are the constant priority for all players. Players must hunt and collect food, even if it means eating deer eyeballs, and water to keep Bear nourished and healthy for the challenges that lie ahead. When night closes in, the player must create a sturdy lean-to to protect Bear from potential animal attacks and the harsh elements.

The game is scheduled for a Fall release. And I can't wait!!!! Definitely buying that one.

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